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an Engineering

This cosmology introduction is aimed at priming the engineering-mind for a basic understanding of the universe. It does not quite give you "the meaning of life and of the universe", but then, knowing something about the universe is knowing something about our home!

See if you can spot our home planet on this beautiful diagram of our solar system from Wikipedia.

Cosmology: from our home outwards...

We all live in a very complex and (perhaps) infinitely large universe. It is a wonderfully complex “machine”. This page and its download show you how the big machine works, with very engineering-like math. Once you have read the full content of this section, you will probably never look at the universe (or even the night sky) in the same way again!

To learn more about this fascination of mankind from an engineering point of view, read the attached pdf file (link below).

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Here is your pdf: Cosmology Introduction An engineering view of the cosmos, presented without serious mathematics.

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