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Einstein's Theory of Relativity -
How You as Engineer should View it

I'm sure that you know the basics of Einstein's theory of relativity. However, did you ever get beyond the level of the popular relativity books? If you have, you will probably agree that professional books on Einstein's theory can be technically very challenging.

Einstein in 1947

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It is hard to find a good technical book on relativity that is "digestible" by engineers. It became my passion - almost an obsession - to find at least one completely understandable technical book on the theory. The "old man" above-right would probably just have chuckled... (Einstein 1947. Photo from Wikipedia)

Eventually, I did succeed. The eBook Relativity 4 Engineers and the downloads of this website decrypt the 'code', the 'science-speak' of Einstein's theory of relativity into something that us engineers can relate to.
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In publications on Einstein's theory of relativity, the popular book is usually too popular and the technical book too technical, with nothing in-between. This eBook and website bridge that gap in a way that will satisfy your engineering curiosity. At the same time, the inevitable mathematics are kept within your engineering "comfort zone".

Welcome to Einsteinís Theory of Relativity 4 Engineers!

I invite you to scan through the very comprehensible pages of this website and it's downloads and add the eBook to your collection. You may still look at Einstein's theory of relativity with admiration, but never in the same way again!

We engineers always love that 'this-is-under-control' feeling. With Einstein's theory of relativity, it happens as soon as we are confidently doing some relativistic calculations. How would you rate the capability of doing the 'sums' for high-speed space travel, linear acceleration to relativistic speeds, orbits near black holes, the age and shape of the universe? Pretty cool!

Do not bother to look in this website for a 'new theory of gravity', a 'new theory of everything' or the "final theory". I offer only standard mainstream relativity and cosmology with an 'engineering voice and spin'.

What Relativity 4 Engineers covers

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What is Relativity?
Ask Einstein: what is relativity? His short answer...

Special Relativity - what you as engineer want to know
Linear movement at very high speed: that's special relativity.

General Relativity for Engineers
General relativity is all about gravitation - here presented for engineers

Cosmology, the study of the Universe
Learn the secrets of cosmology from an engineering point of view.

Some Paradoxes of Relativity
Paradoxes of relativity. The twin paradox and the Sagnac effect are perhaps the most troubling 'paradoxes' of relativity to many engineers. Short articles on each of them are available on this website

The Career of Albert Einstein
The scientific career of Albert Einstein, summarized

Articles of interest on Relativity and Cosmology

eBook Relativity 4 Engineers
Read more about the eBook Relativity 4 Engineers, written for engineers by an engineer.

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