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Tips for PDF downloading, opening and reading (on this website)

In order to open a PDF file, you must have a PDF reader installed on your computer. We recommend Acrobat Reader 6 (or above). If you do not have Acrobat reader installed, click on this link and follow Adobe's instructions to install it: Adobe Acrobat Reader. It is free software.

If you have Acrobat Reader 6 (or above) installed on your system, just click on the pdf link below and the file will open in the same window that you are on now. You can click on your browser's Back button to return to this page at any time. Also see final note on download below.

Your system may sometimes prompt you with a message that complains about "features in the document not supported..." Provided that you have Adobe Reader 6 or above installed, do not worry about it, just press onů

The pdf document was designed to work on scales from 100% to 150%. You can resize the scale of your pdf display by clicking on the - or + buttons on either side % box in the Acrobat Reader toolbar.

If you have the full Acrobat Professional (pdf reader/writer/editor) system installed, it is recommended that you open the file with the Acrobat Reader and not with the Editor. The Reader is much faster than the full Acrobat system with all its functionality.

Final note: it is always better to download a pdf and save it on your hard disk. Right-click on the link, select Save target as, give it a name and destination of your choice and watch how the download progresses. You can then open it outside of your Internet browser environment and also control which program opens it.

For MS Windows systems, we suggest the following: browse for the file in your Windows Explorer, right-click on the pdf filename, select Open With from the drop-down menu and then Acrobat Reader.

For systems other than PC with Windows and IE, read on...

PC Users, IE
right mouse click, choose 'Save Target As...'

Mac Users, IE
option + mouse click, choose 'Save Target As...'

PC Users, Netscape Navigator/Firefox
right mouse click, choose 'Save Link As...'

Mac Users, Netscape Navigator/Firefox
option + mouse click, choose 'Save Link As...'

Please use your browser's Back button (top left) when finished reading this page.

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