What is relativity?
Special relativity
General relativity
Albert Einstein
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General Relativity:
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Einsteinís general relativity is mostly about gravitation, curved space-time, geodesics and black holes, the latter being the de facto trademark of the theme... a specimen is pictured below.

General relativity and black holes The black hole is actually just the black spot in the center Ė how else? The rest are the so-called accretion disc and jets of matter being spewed out at the 'poles' of the black hole. More about that later.

Credit: NASA

The available technical material on this legacy of Einstein can be quite intimidating, to say the least. Relativity 4 Engineers takes the intimidation out of the material and present it in a way that engineers can easily relate to.

On this page and below it, you will find a unique engineering view on topics like:

  • Space-time curvature and gravity
  • Black holes
  • Relativistic acceleration
  • Relativistic orbits
  • Tidal gravity
  • Gravitational waves
  • Parameterized Post-Newtonian (PPN) Formalism.
  • To read more about this engineering perspective on Einsteinís general theory of relativity, click on any of the links below. The links will lead you to downloads available on the indicated topics.

    When you read these topics for the first time, it is strongly recommended that you read them in the order in which the links appear below.

    What is Gravity?
    An introduction to gravity: both Newtonian and relativistic gravity.

    Velocity-effects on Gravity
    A fascinating look at how radial and transverse velocities influence gravitational acceleration.

    How Orbits Work
    The theory behind gravitationally bound orbits: both Newtonian and relativistic.

    Orbital Equations
    The equations and the weird effects in relativistic orbits: with plotted examples.

    Tests of Relativity
    Einsteinís theory of general relativity: some of the most well known tests.

    Tidal Gravity
    A solid explanation of the oceanic tides; also the relativistic effects of tidal gravity

    Gravitational Waves
    How gravitational waves are generated, how they propagate and how they will (hopefully) be measured soon.

    PPN Formalism
    The Parameterized Post-Newtonian Formalism of general relativity Ė for study of relativistic effects in our solar system.

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