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Cosmology is the study of the universe at large. Physical cosmology is a branch of astrophysics that studies the large-scale structure of the universe, how it was formed, how it evolved and how it might end. This text gives an engineering interpretation of this very interesting field.

Cosmology - the baby-universe The thumbnail image to the right is a miniature version of the best photo of the "baby universe" available. It was compiled from the WMAP project's data of the cosmic microwave background (cmb). (Credit: NASA)

The Cosmology Introduction.pdf that you will find under the links below treats the study of the universe by starting with a simplistic expansion model, which is by nature very easy to understand. The relatively simple Einstein-de Sitter model is then treated to a level that makes it possible to do some “engineering-like” calculations on the cosmos. The reader will easily understand the redshift-distance relationship and the calculation of the age and size of the universe.

The more modern model of the inflationary big bang is treated in enough depth so that engineers may feel comfortable with it. There are plenty of graphs, giving it that “engineering look and feel”. It goes further and illustrates the expanding universe in an interesting way. At the end if this easy-read, you may never look at the sky (especially at night) and think about the cosmos in the same way again.

Finally, the modern “dark energy” driven expansion is discussed comprehensively. This is a hot topic in cosmology today (around the turn of the century). Although nobody knows what this “dark energy” is, it (and its cousin, “dark matter”) seems to be out there in abundance. As can be expected, mathematics is needed, but like always, it is kept at an easily accessible “engineering level.”

The pages linked below will give you introductions to the topics and instructions for opening and/or downloading the relevant pdf pages.

What is Cosmology?

A brief answer to the question: What is Cosmology?

Cosmology Introduction

A rather simplistic look at the cosmos, from an engineer's point of view.

The Einstein-de-Sitter model of universal expansion

Although relatively simple, the Einstein-de-Sitter model that was the de-facto standard for almost 80 years (until the early 1980s).

The Friedmann Equation

The equations of the Einstein-de-Sitter model expanded to include “open” and “closed” models of the universe.

Cosmic Inflation

A theory of how it all started… well almost. Actually a theory of the very beginning of time and space.

The expanding universe: an engineer's view

Plots of the different expansion curves supported by the latest theories, which summarizes physical cosmology for engineers.

Cosmological Calculator

A tabular cosmological calculator (with graphing capability), giving a table of cosmological times and distances for various input parameters. It is fully self-explanatory.

Cosmic distances

The equations for some cosmological distances, with graphs.

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